Jonathan Winters: My Life: "In Search Of A Playground" Paperback - May 1, 2017

by Jonathan Winters (Author), Peter S. Ferrara (Contributor)

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Jonathan Winters was the most gifted improviser of comedy show business has ever seen. His approach was completely unique and his delivery was impossible for anybody else to do. His comedy appeared to be intense and bordering on the crazy because Jon was, in his own words, “an active mental patient.” The host of the Tonight Show called him “the 25 funniest people I know.” But what fans saw was only a fraction of who he was. Besides what they saw on stage, fans will be surprised to learn Jon was a gifted painter trained at the Dayton Art Institute and also a writer who wrote a NY Times bestseller. Now he tells the story of his life and shares the secrets of a genius who knew he was mentally ill and wouldn’t let that keep him from achieving success. How he “made my sickness work for me” is part of what made him so unique. Read it all in this no-holds-barred revelation of what a mental breakdown looks and feels like, told with Jon’s characteristic bluntness. This is the story of a brilliant survivor, how he grew up, and the philosophy he developed that saved his life. It is told in his own words along with posthumous help from his longtime friend Peter S. Ferrara. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about one of the most gifted artists of our time.