About Us Jonathan Winters Cards

It is my privilege and joy to have created this line of cards representing my father’s paintings. He had an enormous talent and career in the art of comedy, but painting was his first love and lifetime passion. He also spent a lot of time writing in his journals. After his death in 2013, I gathered all his writings into one complete book amassing almost a thousand pages of his personal observations on life.

My mother who passed away in 2009, saved everything involving our family’s history, Dad’s career, and every greeting card and letter we shared between us. I learned a lot about our family history while pouring over letters from as far back as my dad’s grandfather, Valentine Winters. I have a letter from my uncle in Vietnam concerning UFO’s, a letter from the Wright Brothers asking my great grandfather for a loan to build their first plane, and love letters from the 1940’s when my parents wrote to each other – beginning their sixty-year romance.I wanted to honor my father by bringing his paintings back to life, so to speak, in the form of cards. The images are digital, archival quality – created from slides Dad had taken with his 35mm Nikon. In an age of emails and texting, I hope that you’ll take the time to write someone you care about. Tell them you’re thinking about them, send them some cool surrealistic, primitive art with love. You’ll also be supporting various charities as you purchase the cards.

Yours truly,
Lucinda Winters